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Full Service Leasing Offer

Full service leasing combines a financial element related to purchasing vehicles and an element related to comprehensive service package. Depending on the Customer’s formal and legal requirements as well as his preferences, the contract in reality assumes the form of a leasing agreement or operating leasing agreement, enriched with elements of vehicle service.

This service is mainly designed for large enterprises and international corporations that are establishing or have their vehicle fleet. It includes: financing, comprehensive service of the vehicles leased (which means full control of expenses, control of operation or repairs performed on a current basis, a 24h technical service, insurance), an option of using replacement vehicles and fuel cards.

Customers may take the entire service package or select those options which are suitable for them.

Financing takes the form of purchasing vehicles according to the Customer’s preferences from the manufacturer or dealer and making them available to the Customer. It is also possible to repurchase part or the whole fleet used so far by the Customer and return it for operation under a lease agreement. The agreement may be concluded in the Polish Zloties or in Euros, for a period of 24 up to 60 months.

Customers may take advantage of many options included in the service of full service leasing.

Comprehensive service and tyres

  • repairs in authorized garages across Poland,
  • the Technical Centre monitors the vehicles’ technical condition, vehicle operation costs, as well as replaces and stores tyres.


  • comprehensive insurance package,
  • supervision over automobile loss adjustment.

Replacement vehicle

  • if needed, we offer a replacement vehicle through the mediation of international and local companies that rent vehicles in the entire area of Poland.

24h assistance

  • we arrive at the scene of the accident or breakdown, repair the vehicle on the spot, tow it wherever in Poland you might need, and provide accommodation to the driver or transportation to his destination.

Fuel cards

  • Customers may have us implement a fuel card system for both full service leasing vehicles and vehicles under our management.

Vehicle sales

  • We offer support in selling vehicles after the agreement expires.

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